Role Play ending explained: Does Emma kill her husband?

Emma is an assassin in Role Play and ends up with a difficult choice to make. Does she choose to kill her husband?
Role Play -- Courtesy of Amazon
Role Play -- Courtesy of Amazon /

Role Play made it clear that Emma and Dave are a happy couple with some problems in the bedroom. However, it is also clear that Emma lied to her husband.

We get the details of the story throughout the movie. They’re pretty expected in an action comedy. Emma was raised in the life of spy work, she ended up getting out, she works as an assassin every now and then for the person keeping her safe from her enemies, and she met Dave and married him.

One thing is for certain; she loves her life. She didn’t pull Dave and her children into anything. Instead, it turns out that the woman who trained and raised her, Gwen Carver, is framing her and trying to pull her back into the life of spy work. Seeing Dave as a distraction, Gwen wants Emma to kill him.

Does Emma kill Dave in Role Play?

Emma tells Dave everything about her past. However, while they’re talking, Gwen catches up to them and takes them hostage. Emma is given the task of killing Dave and rejoining Gwen. If she doesn’t Gwen will hurt Emma’s children. Of course, Emma doesn’t want that to happen.

Nor does she want to kill her husband. However, she takes Dave out to the forest in a pretense to make Gwen think that she’s going along with things. That’s when Emma gets the idea of taking out her enemies. She needs to make it look like she’s killed Dave, though, and she shoots him without causing any fatal wounds.

Dave is able to get to their children while Emma takes down her enemies. It works, and Emma is able to kill everyone who is trying to pull her back into the life.

Do Emma and Dave remain together?

After everything that had happened, you would think that Dave would leave his wife. I mean, this is a woman who has shot him. Sure, it’s to save him, but there are going to be memories of her doing this. At the same time, her past put him and their children in danger.

Well, it looks like at the end of Role Play all is going to be forgiven. Emma is with Dave at the hospital at the end of it all.

I would love to see some sort of short after everything to see where they are. Please tell me they get marriage counseling after all this.

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Role Play is available to stream on Prime Video.