Everything to watch on Prime Video this week (May 27–June 2)

A new week is here, and it's time to get ready for new content on Prime Video. Here's everything you can watch this week.
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Another week is here, and that means new content arriving on Prime Video. This week is a big one with the first of the month at the weekend.

Just a note as we get started. The list of June releases hasn’t officially been released by Amazon just yet. We’re waiting to see which third-party movies and shows will drop on Saturday, June 1. This post will be updated when that comes through, but we may need to wait until the start of the week to get it.

There are some great releases in the last week of May, though. One of those is a new season of a great Prime Video comedy series.

The Outlaws and The Boys in the Boat

Let’s start with the Amazon Original Series. The Outlaws drops its third season on Friday, May 31. All episodes will be available to stream at once, and this could be the final season of the series. Stephen Merchant explained to Deadline that he gets a little burned out after a project, and he needs some time to regroup. However, that doesn’t mean it is over completely. “Never say never.”

The third season picks up with the group of community service friends going somewhat their separate ways. However, they are pulled together when there’s a dead body that’s been found. On top of that, The Dean may get free, and that means all of them are in trouble after the stunt they pulled in the second season.

How about a story that is based on a true story and a book of the same name? The Boys in the Boat put the focus on members of a University of Washington rowing team. It’s the height of the Great Depression, but they decide it’s time to offer some hope to the people. They compete in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, competing for Gold.

It’s an inspirational movie that shows that with grit and determination you can achieve anything. Do they manage Gold, though? That’s what you’ll want to watch the movie for to find out.

Everything coming to Prime Video this week

All the Amazon Originals are denoted with the asterisks. Keep in mind that this list will be updated as soon as the June releases come out.

May 28


The Boys in The Boat (2023)

May 30


Die Hart 2: Die Harter (2024)

May 31


*The Outlaws Season 3 (2024)

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