Invincible Season 2, Part 2 is the biggest release coming to Prime Video this week

It's finally time to see how Invincible Season 2 ends. It's one of the releases this week on Prime Video. Take a look at the full list.
Invincible Season 2 on Prime Video
Invincible Season 2 on Prime Video /

It’s a new week, and that means time for more content on Prime Video. Take a look at everything coming from Monday, March 11 to Sunday, March 17.

This is a big week. There is something for everyone, whether you want adult animation, rom-coms, or something in between.

The biggest release has to be Invincible Season 2, Part 2. Only the first episode will drop on Thursday, March 14. Like the first half of the season, we’ll get one episode per week. There are only four episodes to the half. Hopefully, we’re not waiting as long for Season 3 as we did for Season 2, and hopefully, it won’t be split in two! Of course, we need to see how Season 2 ends to get ready for the third season—which is confirmed!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 and more

The start of the week sees the arrival of a rom-com that you’ve been waiting for. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 was a highly anticipated sequel last year, and we finally get to watch it on Prime Video. It’s all the same laughs and all the same antics as the first two movies.

Another major Amazon Original release is the movie Frida starring Selma Hayek. She stars as Frida Khalo, an artist who overcame everything that worked against her to become the household name that she is today. She worked against a crippling injury and a difficult marriage, focusing all her energy into her art. This is a chance to look back to see everything that she did to accomplish her dreams.

Everything on Prime Video this week

All the Amazon Originals are denoted with the asterisks.

March 12


My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 (2023)

March 14


*Invincible Season 2, Part 2 (2024)


*Frida (2024)

March 17


The Captive (2014)
Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain (2023)

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