Outer Range Season 2 ending explained: It just gets twistier

If you were hoping to get answers at the end of Outer Range Season 2, you may be disappointed. This season ends up with far more questions, and a need for a third season.
Cecilia Abbott (Lili Taylor) and Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin)
Cecilia Abbott (Lili Taylor) and Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin) /

Outer Range Season 2 did not disappoint when it came to telling more mysterious stories. What it didn’t do was bring us a lot of answers. Well, we got some, but we got far more questions by the end.

Caution: We’re delving into major spoilers for Outer Range Season 2!

The second season opened with us already having questions. Where were Joy and Perry? The two were taken back in time during the first season, and we caught up with them in Season 2.

However, the big questions also surrounded the Abbotts in the current day. You see, Cecelia had put the Abbott land up for bail when Perry had been arrested. With him not around to show up for court, it meant that the land was forfeited. So, how did it all play out?

Did the Tillersons get the land in Outer Range Season 2?

Of course, the Tillersons were eager to get their hands on that land. Wayne wanted it to figure out the mysteries of the West pasture. Autumn steps in to help, though. She manages to get Pastor Ken to help, encouraging him to pay the $500,000 bond. One of the more wealthy members of the community apparently didn’t want the Abbott family farm to change hands.

Royal’s visions of the future continue

The first season included two very specific visions of the future. However, Royal didn’t have them again in Season 2. That doesn’t mean that the dark future that he saw won’t happen.

Rhett was discussing future plans with Dr. Nia Bintu, who wanted to take samples of the soil to test on it. She was even going to steal it. With one of the futures showing oil digs, is it possible that it’s Rhett, who is willing to work with Bintu, is the one who causes this? Does Royal need to avoid any dealings? We’re still not any step further forward with this.

Were there any answers in Outer Range Season 2?

It does seem like we’re pretty much still where we started with the questions. There weren’t any real answers that came out of Season 2.

One thing that did happen was Joy managing to get back to her own time. Now she is inherently connected to the void, and she has experienced some wild animals following her and strange blackouts. Joy’s return seemed to lead to a burning answer, though.

Royal was convinced that Autumn was his granddaughter Amy from the future. So much so that he takes her in and dotes on her. This does come in handy for a few reasons, and not just to save the farm.

In the second season, Autumn manages to manipulate Rebecca, who had lied about her situation to get Amy a place in the group for abused women. Autumn, along with Luke Tillerson, are able to get Amy back. There’s a point in the season when Autumn has a vision through Amy’s eyes.

Could Autumn actually be Amy? Well, it seems like it. When Joy accidentally pushed Amy into the void at the end of the season, Amy falls through time. It’s not clear where she ends up, but she does know her name: Autumn!

As for Perry, he went back into the void, but he didn’t end up in the present day. Instead, he’s in a time period just before the events of Season 1 where he hasn’t killed Trevor yet. So, he has a chance at fixing things, but is he fixing things for his own future or is this an alternate timeline? Things got a little more messy with this reveal.

Well, things got even more twistier. Perry called out to his younger self to prevent Trevor’s accidental death. Trevor turned around and punched our Perry in the throat, causing him to fall and knock himself out when he hit his head on a rock. The younger Perry threw our Perry into the void, and it looks like our Perry is dead.

This does change everything if it’s the same timeline, which it seems to be. So, it looks like our Perry died to fix things for his own past/future.

Time travel sometimes gives me a headache!

One thing is clear, we still have a lot of questions. We need Outer Range Season 3.

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