What is Outer Range about?

Outer Range, Royal Abbott (played by Josh Brolin)
Outer Range, Royal Abbott (played by Josh Brolin) /

Outer Range will premiere on Prime Video at the end of the week. Not sure if it’s for you? Here’s a look at what the Josh Brolin series is about.

The first two episodes of Outer Range will arrive on Prime Video at the end of the week. After that, we’ll get two episodes a week, offering us the hybrid release similar to The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. There’s no doubt you’ll want to check out the eight-episode series as soon as possible if you’re a Josh Brolin fan.

Of course, before you check anything out, you need to know a little about it. Is this going to be a series for you? Let’s look inside the Outer Range synopsis to get an idea of what this show is about.

Outer Range synopsis

How do we grapple with the unknown? That’s something the series is going to delve into. However, at first, it will look like a standard western drama.

Outer Range focuses on the Abbott family. Most specifically, we follow Royal, played by Josh Brolin, a rancher who is fighting for his family and his land. The Tillersons want the land, and Royal will do whatever he can to protect it. After all, the only reason the neighbors want the land is because they’re greedy for more profit.

Everything seems fine until an untimely death within the community leads to the fight. And then, suddenly, a black void appears on the pasture of land. Nobody knows how this black void appeared or what it means. However, there are secrets from the past that are about to come out. Everything is told through Royal’s eyes, as the series examines how we deal with the unknown.

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Outer Range premieres on Prime Video on April 15 with two episodes coming every Friday after that.