Mr. and Mrs. Smith Season 2 is happening but it may be without its stars

Amazon has renewed Mr. and Mrs. Smith for a second season, but it could be without Donald Glover and Maya Erskine. Here's what we know so far.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith on Prime Video
Mr. and Mrs. Smith on Prime Video /

There’s some good and bad news for Mr. and Mrs. Smith fans. There is a second season on the way, but it may not be with Donald Glover and Maya Erskine in the lead.

Variety reported the news with the focus on how Glover and Erskine may not reprise their roles as the titular characters. Glover has announced that he is going on tour in February 2025, which will make production difficult.

However, it’s important to not that Amazon has not confirmed that they will not be part of the season. It is possible that their schedules not allowing them to return could have been the reason for such a delay in the renewal of the series.

Could Mr. and Mrs. Smith become an anthology series of sorts?

How could the series handle it if the two leads are gone? Well, there is a benefit to having a series about spies taking on other aliases. It is possible that Glover and Erskine’s characters are no longer around and there are two new people taking on the aliases. After all, that’s all the names of John and Jane Smith were!

This could turn the series into an anthology of sorts. The series could focus on a new case with two new leads. Maybe there could even be mentions of how previous versions of the aliases handle the situations to remind us that we are in the same universe.

With the way things ended in Season 1, it is possible to write out Glover and Erskine and add new people into the role. It’s almost like it was written to work as a standalone story but also as an anthology depending on the way Amazon went with renewals.

Hopefully, the focus will remain the same as the first season. During the first season, we saw two lonely people have to pretend that they’re married. Throughout the season, we followed their character and relationship growth, creating something that we actually cared about and wanted to see more of. This is something we’d love to see continue if there are two new leads for the series.

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith is available to stream on Prime Video.