Mr. and Mrs. Smith parents guide: Why is the Amazon series rated TV-MA?

The new Mr. and Mrs. Smith series carries a TV-MA rating. Here's a breakdown of that to understand why it's not suitable for kids.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith on Prime Video
Mr. and Mrs. Smith on Prime Video /

The Mr. and Mrs. Smith series will be here later tonight, Thursday, Feb. 1. There’s no doubt that you want to jump straight into it, but you need to know if this is something to watch with the kids around.

So, you’ve checked out the age rating and found out that it carries a TV-MA rating. It’s worth noting that in Canada, it has a 16+ rating. This suggests that it could be okay for older teenagers, but it’s written and produced for the adults in the house.

It may be surprising considering the movie that the series is based on was PG-13. Of course, considering some of the violence in the movie, that is surprising. It’s the violence that gives the series its rating.

Why is Mr. and Mrs. Smith rated TV-MA?

The TV series is a step up from the movie when it comes to violence. There is far more of it, along with the gore. Think of the violence that you see in shows like Jack Ryan and Reacher. Amazon hasn’t had to step off the gas when it comes to a realistic show of violence.

The trailer itself gives you an idea of the level of violence included. There’s a high speed car chase with shooting involved. That’s just a small part of the overall series.

There will also be some frightening scenes. Characters are put in perilous situations, and there will be deaths throughout. It is an action series, after all.

You’ll know your children the best. If your teenagers can sit through Reacher and other similar shows, then Mr. and Mrs. Smith is likely to work for them. However, if they have a bit of a squeamish nature, they may want to give this show a skip.

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith is available to stream in full on Friday, Feb. 2 on Prime Video.