5 movies to watch on Prime Video instead of the Super Bowl

Not in the mood to watch the Super Bowl? Here are five movies to check out on Prime Video instead.
Role Play -- Courtesy of Amazon
Role Play -- Courtesy of Amazon /
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Role Play is just one of 5 movies to watch instead of Super Bowl 2024

It’s Super Bowl weekend. That means a lot of your friends are hosting or going to parties to watch the game. You’re just not into it, and you want some good movies to watch instead.

The great news is Prime Video has something for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for an action or you want a revenge thriller, Prime Video has you covered. Yes, everything on this list is available with your Prime membership.

Here are five that you’ll want to check out, and we’ve got a list of shows coming up later today.

Role Play

Let’s start with one of the new action comedies to arrive on Prime Video. Role Play stars Kaley Cuoco as Emma. Or is she Alice? That’s something her husband David has to work out.

The two decide to role play as strangers in the bar to bring some spice back to the bedroom. They are bought drinks all night by some guy in the bar, a guy who turns up murdered the next morning. An investigation starts, and when Emma mysteriously disappears, David finds out that his life may be a big lie. His wife is an assassin, and now he needs to figure out where she is and how to help her.