Is House of Ninjas on Amazon? (Where to stream the Japanese series)

House of Ninjas is going to become your next guilty pleasure. Where can you stream the Japanese language series online?

House of Ninjas 
Image Courtesy Netflix
House of Ninjas Image Courtesy Netflix /

When it comes to TV shows, we want something that is entertaining and meaningful. House of Ninjas is certainly that.

There are times that it will give you The Umbrella Academy and Incredibles vibes. This is also one of those shows that is just fun to watch. Is the storyline all that new and fresh? Oh, definitely not, but it will become your next guilty TV viewing.

It brings up a lot of Japanese culture. There is the focus on ninjas set in the modern day, with a look at what it means to lose someone and move on.

So, what are you waiting for? Oh, you just need to know where to stream it.

House of Ninjas is not on Prime Video

It is on Netflix. There is no need for Netflix to share content. Of course, we have no idea if Netflix will opt to remove content in the way that Max and Hulu did. There is a chance, but that’s unlikely.

House of Ninjas probably won’t come to Amazon Video

I don’t expect that we’ll see this series head to Digital. It’s a Netflix Original Series. A lot of these shows remain exclusive to Netflix. After all, when you put shows on Digital, you take away the need for a monthly subscription service.

Never say “never,” though. We have seen the odd Netflix show get a DVD release. However, that’s not usually the case with many of the international releases outside of the UK. We’ll certainly keep an eye on this one.

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House of Ninjas is currently only available on Netflix.