Is Freevee closing down? (Amazon spokesperson speaks out)

There is a lot of talk of Freevee closing down. It doesn't sound like that is happening after all.
In this photo illustration, the Freevee logo is displayed on...
In this photo illustration, the Freevee logo is displayed on... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

As Prime Video adds ads to its cheapest tier, there are questions about whether there’s a need for Freevee. Is this streaming platform shutting down?

There were reports earlier this week that said Amazon’s free, ad-supported streaming platform was shutting down. This was linked to the fact that Prime Video will now carry ads on its cheapest platform. However, the reports came from undisclosed sources, and those reports may have been fearmongering.

Is Freevee closing down?

An Amazon spokesperson told Deadline that Freevee isn’t going anywhere. At least, there are no plans to change the free streamer at this time.

Despite Prime Video having ads in the lower tier, there is still a need for a streamer like Freevee. It offers a way to watch some content for free. Sure, there are ads, but there are no fees to be able to stream the content. Prime Video still has a cost, even when it comes to the ad-supported tier.

This streamer is only available in the U.S. and UK right now. Everywhere else gets the Freevee Original shows and movies on their Prime Video accounts.

Could this change in the future? Sure, there’s no reason to think that something is going to last forever. It’s just that there are no plans to change things right now. It is telling that the new Bosch spin-off is moving to Prime Video despite Legacy being on Freevee and that some Freevee shows are moving to Prime Video, though.

Why Freevee remains important

With Prime Video still having a cost to its ad-supported tier, it’s clear that Freevee is still needed. This is the tier that costs nothing, making some content accessible to everyone. There is no need to have a Prime Video or even an Amazon Prime account to be able to watch the shows and movies.

There are other ad-supported, free streamers out there. Look at Tubi and Pluto TV. They offer access to some older shows and movies that could have been forgotten about by now.

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