Is Foe based on a book?

Foe is a new movie heading to Prime Video tonight. Is this another movie based on a book?
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If you love psycholigcal thrillers with a sci-fi backdrop, you’ll want to check out Foe tonight. The episode officially drops at midnight UK time on Friday, Jan. 5, which means we’re likely to see it this evening on Thursday, Jan. 4.

The movie follows a couple living in a remote farmhouse. The setting is in the near future, where space travel is common and robotic copies of people can be created. Han and Junior seem to have the perfect life, but that’s turned upside down when a stranger turns up at the door.

Junior is sent to live in space for two years. Rather than leave Hen alone, the stranger says that Hen will get a digital version of her husband. That means time spent with Junior and Hen to learn more about the two of them to ensure the robot is everything Hen needs.

Does Foe have source material?

Now eyes are on whether this is completely original content or if it has been based on a book. There is source material to read, and it’s certainly worth delving into. There are telltale signs of things that are going on through the way the narration is done.

Foe was written by Iain Reid, and it is his second novel. It was written in 2018 and quickly made some of the best-selling lists.

Trying to categorize this book isn’t all that easy. It is a psychological thriller as well as a horror book. At the same time, it’s a sci-fi drama. It’s a strange story that you’ll find addicting. This is one of those books that you’ll want to revisit again shortly after reading it as there’s so much to take in. Now you just need to decide whether you’ll read it before watching the movie or not.

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Foe is coming to Prime Video on Friday, Jan. 5.