How many episodes are in The Outlaws Season 3?

The Outlaws Season 3 drops as a binge-watch on Prime Video. How many episodes are there in the season?
The Outlaws -- Courtesy of Sam Taylor/BBC Studios
The Outlaws -- Courtesy of Sam Taylor/BBC Studios /

It’s almost time for the third and potentially final season of The Outlaws. All episodes will drop at once on Friday, May 31. That means you’ll want to make sure you leave enough time to watch them all.

You need to know the episode count. The thing with British shows is that they tend to be shorter than American ones, but they aren’t always consistent. The first two seasons had six episodes each, so you would expect that the third season would as well. That’s not the case.

The Outlaws Season 3 is a little shorter. It will only have five episodes.

What to expect in The Outlaws Season 3

The third season picks up off the back of the second. It looked like things were looking up for a lot of the characters in the series. Diane finally became a community support officer, while John finally got the nerve to quit his law office to go out on his own. The group came together in an attempt to take down The Dean, and they seem to have achieved that.

Of course, if the show is back, it means not everything is as dandy and rosy as it seems. The Dean is awaiting trial, but does that mean he’ll be found guilty? Many of these people have a way out with help from the outside!

It may not be The Dean that causes problems, though. One of the group ends up drawing the others back into trouble when there’s a dead body found. This person says they didn’t do it, but what really happened? What mess are they all in this time?

Is The Outlaws Season 3 really the end?

This could be the final season of the series. Stephen Merchant has explained that he gets burned out on projects, and he likes to take a break after that. This doesn’t mean it’s completely done, but it may be the last season for a while.

There is also the question of just how long a group of people can be in community service for. This is like the high school question and even the prison time question. Eventually, characters have to go off. The go to college, they get out of prison, or they complete their time in community service. So, it only makes sense that the show would have to come to an end at some point.

For now, go in and enjoy the five episodes of The Outlaws Season 3.

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