Will The Outlaws be renewed for Season 3?

The Outlaws -- Courtesy of BBC/Amazon
The Outlaws -- Courtesy of BBC/Amazon /

Now that you’ve binge-watched the second season, you’ll definitely want more. Is there going to be a Season 3 of The Outlaws on Prime Video?

We are more than ready for more from The OutlawsIt’s a wild and fun ride, as we watch the hilarious mistakes our seven favorite outlaws can get up to next. One thing that’s clear from the season finale is that the story isn’t over yet.

All eyes are now on a renewal. After all, it didn’t take long to binge-watch the six episodes of Season 2. We need more of it right away, but is that going to happen?

The Outlaws Season 3 isn’t confirmed yet

There is some bad news. Unlike with the first season, we didn’t get to go into the second season knowing it wouldn’t be the end. Season 3 is not confirmed just yet, and it’s not really up to Prime Video as to whether there will be more story to tell.

This is a British series, and it’s the BBC that gets to make the decision. Of course, if the BBC decides to cancel the show, there is always the opportunity for Amazon to save the show and pick it up globally. But first it’s going to be up to the British network.

So far, the BBC hasn’t made a decision. Stephen Merchant wants to make more, but it’s up to those higher up. This is not a cheap cast to get together, and the BBC will need to decide whether the costs are worth it. We think they are, but does the network?

It’s worth noting that the BBC doesn’t get its money from advertisers. The money comes from the public purse through the TV license that all those who watch live TV have to pay in the UK. Some money is also gained from iPlayer. It does affect the costs for TV shows.

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The Outlaws is available to stream on Prime Video.