5 horror shows to watch now you've binged THEM: The Scare

You binged THEM: The Scare as soon as you could. Now you want more horror shows that are just like it. Here are five great suggestions.
Luke James (Edmund) - Courtesy Prime Video
Luke James (Edmund) - Courtesy Prime Video /

You’ve made it through THEM: The Scare. The second season of the horror anthology did not disappoint, and now you want more.

Of course, the best place to start is THEM: Covenant. The first season of the series took place in 1953 Los Angeles. We followed the Emory family, who moved into a white neighborhood and was immediately faced with racism outside and something supernaturally malicious inside the home. It turned out that the second season did connect back to the first, which we learned at the very end.

Now it’s time to find more horror shows to watch. Here are five great suggestions to get you started.

American Horror Story

Of course, we have to start with another anthology horror series that also ended up connecting to itself, American Horror Story. The first season takes place in a haunted house. A family moves in and finds out that they are surrounded by ghosts. Some of them are people who want to help, while others are dangerous killers who want to get revenge.

Each season takes place in a different location and time period. The first four seasons are certainly the best, but there are some enjoyable moments and great actors in later seasons. Apocalypse heavily combines Murder House and Coven.

The first 11 seasons of American Horror Story are on Prime Video. You can buy Season 12 for now, but it will eventually head to Prime Video.


What would you do if you found yourself trapped in your own town. Not because you don’t have the money to leave. These residents are trapped by something they can’t explain.

To make it worse, these people are trapped in their houses on a night. The town is surrounded by nocturnal creatures that will hunt and attack anyone who is out in the open when the sun goes down. The residents need to figure out a way to get out of their town before they’re all picked off one by one. And let’s hope that nobody drives into the town, because they won’t be able to get out.

FROM Season 1 is available on Prime Video. Season 2 is on MGM+.

The Haunting of Hill House

If you want a series that is focused on a family moving into a haunted house, The Haunting of Hill House is a must. Five siblings grew up in what would become one of the most famous haunted houses in the country. They managed to get out, but they all carry the trauma of everything that happened.

A phone call leads to them heading back to the house. They need to confront the ghosts of the past, and it’s time for everyone to learn what really happened to their mom the night that they managed to get out. Watch out for the ghosts that lurk in the shadows in each episode.

The Haunting of Hill House is available to stream on Netflix.

The Terror

Another anthology horror series you need to check out is The Terror. The first season takes place in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. The HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror have left Beechey Island and are sailing into uncharted territory toward King William Island. Along the way, they come across something terrifyingly supernatural. Will any of them survive?

In the second season, we jump to World War II America, just as the bombs drop on Pearl Harbor. With fear of what the Japanese will do next, everyone turns on the Japanese Americans, putting them into internment camps. And while I’d say the people are the scariest part, there’s a Japanese spirit following the characters and putting lives at risk.

The Terror is on AMC+

Twilight Zone

Sometimes, a story can be wrapped up in an episode. Some of those stories leave you with a lot of thoughts and feelings that can take you days to put together. The Twilight Zone certainly managed that one over the course of both versions of the series.

Rod Serling and Jordan Peele both tell intriguing stories. They have a deeper meaning than the original story that is being told, but they all involve sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and more. It could be aliens, time loops, missing passengers on a plane, ghost towns, and much more.

The Twilight Zone is available to stream on Paramount+.

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