No, don't expect Gen V Season 2 to come to Prime Video in 2024

Gen V Season 2 is happening, but we probably won't get the episodes in 2024.
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It was definitely not to surprising to find out that Amazon had renewed Gen V for a second season. The Boys is already a huge hit, and there was plenty of interest around the college-set spin-off series before it even premiered.

The show also brought the same quality of writing, acting, violence, and gore. Yes, there was everything that we expected from the story and more, including the twist that the good Supes were never going to save the day.

With the way things ended in the first season finale, we want to see the episodes of Season 2 more than ever. Don’t expect Gen V Season 2 to arrive in 2024, though.

When could Gen V Season 2 premiere on Prime Video?

As of right now, we don’t really know when to expect the new season. What we do know is that we’ll probably get it sometime in 2025 based on the release of The Boys.

The mothership series is releasing Season 4 in 2024. The third season came out in 2022, with Gen V bridging the gap with the 2023 release. We’re sure to see The Boys renewed for Season 5, but that will likely come out in 2026, with Gen V Season 2 bridging the gap again.

It takes a long time to film and post-produce this show. It’s the graphics in post-production that take up a lot of time. Just look at the quality of the explosions and the amount of gore there is in this show! The graphics need to be of a high standard, and that means time to create.

Writing has likely started on the season. Filming hasn’t yet. We’ll keep an eye on when filming starts as that will give us a better idea as to when the second season could come to Prime Video.

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Gen V is available to stream on Prime Video.