What is Gen V about?

The Boys -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Boys -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Gen V has already been renewed for a second season and we don’t even have a premiere date for the first season. What is this series going to be about?

The Boys is getting a spin-off series. It looks like Amazon already has high hopes for this series with the writer’s room for Season 2 now opening up. We don’t even have a premiere date for Gen V Season 1.

We do have a first-look teaser, though. This tells us a little of what to expect as we get a glimpse of new characters and a tease that The Boys characters will show up here and there.

What is Gen V about?

The big question for many is what Gen V is going to be about. While we know it’s set in the universe of The Boys, it’s not going to follow the same format, right? This isn’t just about another set of Supes trying their best to look like superheroes and not the villains, right?

Gen V is a university-set series. It explores the lives of young adult superheroes at America’s only college for those with powers. We’ll get a chance to see how changing hormones and super abilities definitely don’t mix together.

By the looks of the teaser, the college isn’t going to be your standard setting. While the young adults are sure to get up to some normal antics, it looks like they’re prisoners in the college. It is run by Vought International, so is that really all too surprising? Really, Vought owns the Supes, and they will run as many tests as they need. Who better than college students who are likely to not want to call their parents as often as they used to anyway?

Check out the teaser for Gen V and get ready for an exciting series.

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Gen V is coming to Prime Video in 2023.