Gen V Season 2 is likely coming to Prime Video in 2025

As much as we love that The Boys Season 4 is coming this month, eyes are also on the spin-off series, Gen V. We'll likely get Gen V Season 2 next year.
Jaz Sinclair (Marie Moreau)
Jaz Sinclair (Marie Moreau) /

We are more than ready to see what’s in store for Marie and the others in Gen V Season 2. We just have to wait until (likely) next year.

Chance Perdomo sadly died in an accident earlier this year. The show isn’t recasting the role of Andre. Instead, the show will be able to honor Perdomo through the character. This is something more and more shows are doing, even though it means quick rewrites of some episodes, and it’s the right thing to do.

The rewrites didn’t push things back too much. This is what happens when you have a strong team of writers. It means we’re still likely to get the new season in 2025, and it’s possible that Amazon will alternate The Boys shows each year for as long as they both go on for now.

Gen V Season 2 production has started

Perdomo’s death happened just before production on the season started. This meant some quick rewrites, and there may have been a slight delay in production starting up. Everyone needed some time to grieve the loss, and the honoring of the actor is important to do.

Production has now started up. It started last month, and it means that a 2025 release date is possible. We’re probably looking at around the fall of 2025.

This is a series that requires a lot of time in CGI. After all, just look at all the superpowers that are shown throughout the series.

Gen V will continue to connect to The Boys

There’s no doubt that we’ll continue to see a connection to the main series in the universe. We can look at The Boys Season 4 to see that. Cate and Sam are both at Vought HQ in the trailer for the season.

They were considered heroes at the end of the first season. Homelander came down and took out Marie and her followers so they couldn’t expose the truth about the Supes. Cate and Sam chose Vought, and now they are being rewarded for that. Will they remain on that side as The Boys plays out?

We’ll also likely see Gen V set up things for The Boys Season 5. After all, the first season of the college-set spin-off set up things for Season 4. The season introduced the virus that kills Supes, and we know that Butcher has learned about it and wants to use it in the fight against The Seven and Vought. These two shows are so intricately connected that it makes sense to alternate their release years.

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