Is Foe coming to DVD and Blu-ray?

Foe is now available to stream on Prime Video. Is this a movie that will get a DVD release?
Foe /

There’s a new movie out on Prime Video this weekend. Foe is a twisty story of a man who goes to space and leaves his wife behind with a robotic version of him.

Based on the novel by Iain Reid, the story is a mix of horror and psychological thriller with a bit of sci-fi thrown in. Hen and Junior seem to have a quiet and perfect life together. It’s all destroyed when a stranger visits their home with the news that Junior has been selected to go to space for two years.

The company doesn’t want to leave Hen alone, so they will create a robotic version of Junior. The stranger needs to gather information about Junior and his marriage to and life with Hen. From there, the company can make sure the robotic version is everything that Hen needs.

Will Foe come to DVD in the future?

This is one of those movies that you’ll need to watch at least a second time to really take it all in. The problem is you don’t necessarily want to keep a subscription going. So, you want to be able to own it on DVD and Blu-ray.

The movie was supposed to come to DVD and Blu-ray in December 2023. It’s not showing up in the listings on Amazon, though. However, you can get the movie on Digital right now. This is a great sign, as it suggests that the DVD release is going to happen.

It’s not surprising that the DVD release is happening. This isn’t an Amazon Original Movie that’s gone direct to streaming. It was released in theaters under a limited release, and it is an MGM Studios movie. Most MGM movies head to DVD and Blu-ray in the future.

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Foe is likely coming to DVD and Blu-ray.