5 female friendships on Prime Video to support this Galentine's Day

It's Galentine's Day, which is a day all about female friendships. There are five that you need to look out for on Prime Video.
Sitting in Bars with Cake -- Courtesy of Saeed Adyani/Prime Video
Sitting in Bars with Cake -- Courtesy of Saeed Adyani/Prime Video /
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Belly and Taylor in The Summer I Turned Pretty

Taylor and Belly have each other’s backs in The Summer I Turned Pretty. Despite everything that goes on, they are there for each other. Taylor will lie to others for Belly, and vice versa.

In fact, their friendship is so strong that Belly even deals with Taylor hooking up and then later dating her brother. It doesn’t come between them, and Taylor continues to have Belly’s back even when it comes to arguments between Belly and Stephen.

One moment that solidifies this friendship is how Taylor is just there for Belly. She doesn’t judge harshly as Belly figures out who she wants between Conrad and Jeremiah. She listens, offers advice, and leaves Belly to make her decision. She’s also there as Belly figures out whether she wants to get a spot on the volleyball team back or not.

Vignette and Tourmaline in Carnival Row

These two certainly have their ups and downs. That’s not surprising with the world that they live in and the things they experience. However, when it really comes down to it, they are there for each other. We see that in the second season of Carnival Row.

Tourmaline and Vignette love each other like sisters. They want to see the best for each other, but they also have to go their own paths now and then. They don’t always agree, but that doesn’t mean they have to fall out completely over it. We all end up having to live our own lives, and the best friendships will survive decisions.

When it does come to Tourmaline being in direct danger, Vignette refuses to leave her side. When it looks like Vignette is going to be executed, Tourmaline wants everyone to do whatever they can to save her. They will always have each other’s backs.