Expats showrunner gives a somewhat disappointing update on Season 2

We would love to see more of Expats, but it doesn't look like Season 2 will happen. The showrunner weighs in on the possibilities.

Margaret (Nicole Kidman)
Margaret (Nicole Kidman) /

In a way, we don’t need a second season of Expats. The storylines were wrapped fairly well, bringing us the mystery of events that happened and where the various characters were left after all their secrets came out.

That doesn’t stop us from wanting more. The Expats Season 1 finale ending felt a lot like Big Little Lies. It all wrapped up the main story, but it was clear that this wasn’t the end for the characters. They still had their lives to live after all the reveals.

So, that means we need a second season, right? Showrunner Lulu Wang has offered us an update, and it’s not the best.

There are no talks for Expats Season 2 just yet

Wang shared that she and Amazon are not yet in talks for Expats Season 2. This isn’t because Amazon doesn’t have faith in the series, though.

It was originally created as a miniseries. Like so many other shows before it, the idea was to keep it to just one season, telling the story of the book that it is based on. Of course, we know that limited series can end up being renewed. Look at the likes of Good Omens and Big Little Lies. There are times when there is more to the story to tell.

This could be one of those cases. It would be interesting to see what comes for the women after all the revelations and how bonds were formed and broken.

Wang has said she would “never say never,” which does keep the door open. However, she is currently busy with other projects, including Like Father, Like Son. We also know Nicole Kidman, who stars in the series, is a busy woman. That could mean 2026 at the earliest should Expats Season 2 end up renewed.

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Expats is available to stream on Prime Video.