Could Butcher choose genocide in The Boys Season 4?

Samir shared some bad news about a virus that would kill Homelander in The Boys Season 4, Episode 6. It would mean genocide. Is that something Butcher would support?
Karl Urban (Billy Butcher) - Credit: Jasper Savage/Prime Video
Karl Urban (Billy Butcher) - Credit: Jasper Savage/Prime Video /

Billy Butcher has found himself with a choice on his hands in The Boys Season 4, Episode 6. Would he choose genocide?

Caution: This post contains spoilers from The Boys Season 4, Episode 6.

Butcher made the choice to chop of Samir’s leg to get him to work on creating another virus. However, he doesn’t want the same virus as the one before. He wants something that will kill Homelander.

There’s a catch with this. A virus that is strong enough to kill Homelander will be airborne. It will create a global pandemic that kills off anyone with Compound-V in their system. That means every single supe in the world. It’s genocide.

Samir doesn’t want to create that virus. That means killing Victoria and Zoey. Butcher is clearly also on the fence, as it means killing Ryan. However, it looks like he’s considering it based on who Joe Kessler is to him.

Butcher is considering genocide in The Boys Season 4

If you thought that Kessler was a hallucination of Butcher’s, you’d be right. That was revealed during this latest episode, as Kessler told Becca to shut up, revealing it all. It’s clear that Becca is the side of Butcher that knows he should do the right thing, while Kessler is the side that wants to do harm and stop supes in any way possible.

With Kessler being a figment of Butcher’s conscience, it’s clear that Butcher is considering genocide. He knows that it could solve the problem. Not only would Homelander be dead, but all supes would be gone. Supes are causing more problems than regular people. At least, that’s the way it’s viewed in this world. Wouldn’t it be great to save the world, even though it means killing thousands of people.

Some supes are good. This would mean killing Starlight and Kimiko. It would mean killing Marie and the others we met in Gen V. There are surely many other good supes out there, especially the younger ones who want to use their powers for good.

In the end, we’re sure to see Becca’s side of Butcher win out. It’s natural to think about genocide. Are you telling me you didn’t initially think “well, that could solve a lot of problems?” It’s the way you act afterward, and it’s clear Butcher is on the right side of history. He wouldn’t be able to do it because he’s not all that diabolical after all.

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