Is Beacon 23 based on a book?

Beacon 23 has come up as a show to watch, but does this storyline sound familiar? Which book is the show based on?
Beacon 23. Photo Credit: Rafy Winterfeld/Boat Rocker/MGM+
Beacon 23. Photo Credit: Rafy Winterfeld/Boat Rocker/MGM+ /

Sometimes, you look at a new series and you feel like you’ve seen the story somewhere before. That’s because a lot of shows are now based on book series. Sure enough, Beacon 23 is one of those shows.

It is adapted from a novel. It’s actually adapted from a series of novellas that were later turned into a novel to put everything in one place.

While you don’t need to read the novel first, it could be worth it to get the original story. This is also a chance to get ahead in the story and find out what’s going on in the world that was created. With Beacon 23 renewed for a second season, reading the books could bring some spoilers, though.

Which book is Beacon 23 based on?

Fans of Hugh Howey will have read the novellas that were set in the Beacon 23 world. They started with Little Noises and ended with the fifth novella Visitor.

Sound like a familiar format? Howey did the same thing with the Wool books. The first novel is made up of novellas that Howey self-published. As they gained in popularity, he turned them into one big book and then continued the story. That series has since been turned into the Apple TV series Silo.

Now it’s Beacon 23’s turn. The five novels are available in one book, and they tell the story of Aster and Halan in a lighthouse at the end of the universe.

Little Noises picks up the story in the 23rd century. People live and work in lighthouses known as beacons to help passing spaceships in the Milky Way. They’re designed to never break down, but what happens when one of them does? What does that mean for the ships that are passing in the darkness of space?

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