There's already great news for Amazon's Alex Cross series

Amazon's Alex Cross series doesn't even have a premiere date yet, and there's already excellent news for those looking forward to the adaptation.
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If there is one thing we know Amazon can do well, it’s adaptations of action novels. Reacher and Jack Ryan have been so successful that it shouldn’t be too surprising to hear that there’s already good news about Cross.

The Alex Cross series starring Aldis Hodge doesn’t even have a release date yet. New actors are only just getting added to the cast, and there are no signs of this series coming out this year. And yet, there is already some excellent news.

Cross Season 2 is reportedly happening

Variety reports that Amazon is already so happy with the series that it’s already ordered a second season.

This won’t be too surprising considering it was already highly anticipated. Amazon has had a good track record with book adaptations. Just look at how Reacher got a second season just days after the release of the first three episodes and the third season was ordered before the release of Season 3 (albeit quietly).

It’s worth noting that there isn’t anything official just yet from Amazon. The studio is still remaining quiet on this series, but Variety heard about the renewal from sources.

Three more join the Alex Cross series

According to Deadline, the recent casting announcements for the series are attached to Season 2. These are Jeanine Mason from Amazon’s Upload, Wes Chatham from The Expanse, and Matthew Lillard from Scream and Good Girls. The three are said to have one-year deals.

What’s not clear is whether Cross will follow a similar format to Jack Ryan and Reacher or something more like The Boys and Upload. It makes sense to have standalone seasons with just a little crossover, a little like Reacher. After all, that’s the way James Patterson’s novels take us through Alex Cross’s story. This allows for a change of cast, creating a little bit of an anthology set up, making it a little easier for new fans to come into the show at any point.

The reports seem pretty detailed to be fake. Mason is reportedly playing Rebecca, a judge who is both brilliant and vengeful. Lillard is set to play a ruthless and self-made business tycoon called Lance. Chatham will play a military veteran with far-right political views called Donnie.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on all things Cross. This is one show we can’t wait to see more of.

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Stay tuned with Amazon Adviser for more details about Cross.