Is Abigail coming to Amazon after theaters? (Where to stream)

Abigail is the horror movie of the weekend to check out in theaters. Where will it stream afterward? Will it come to Prime Video?
Abigail - Courtesy Universal Pictures
Abigail - Courtesy Universal Pictures /

If you love vampire movies, you’ll certainly want to head to theaters this weekend. Abigail is out, and it’s a release that we have all been waiting for.

The movie follows the titular character, a vampire child who is actually the daughter of Count Dracula. When a group of people kidnap her and hold her for ransom, they think that all their money problems will be resolved. However, the mansion becomes their resting places, as Abigail turns the tables on each of them. Who would suspect a 12-year-old girl of being an evil vampire?

This is not a movie that you will want to skip over in theaters. It’s also one that you’ll want to watch at home as soon as it’s released. That means knowing which streaming platform it is heading to.

Abigail could head to Prime Video eventually

The first streaming home is not going to be Prime Video. Abigail is heading to Peacock first, as it is a Universal Pictures movie.

The good news is that the live-action Universal movies are heading to Prime Video shortly after. We saw that with the likes of Knock at the Cabin and Night Swim. In fact, it doesn’t usually take too long for the movies to head to their secondary streaming home, so we could see it on Prime Video by the end of this year.

Abigail will come to Amazon Instant Video

There is another way to watch movies on Amazon. It’s all about the digital releases, where you’re able to buy or rent movies on Amazon Instant Video. There is some excellent news for this movie, as it will get a digital release.

Now the question is when the movie will be released on Digital. We usually see the digital releases happen within a month or two of the theatrical releases, so we are looking at some time in May or June 2024.

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Abigail is currently out in theaters.