When is Renfield coming to DVD and Blu-ray?

Universal Pictures film, Renfield starring Nicolas Cage, in theaters April 14
Universal Pictures film, Renfield starring Nicolas Cage, in theaters April 14 /

Nicolas Cage takes on the role of Dracula in the latest horror comedy, Renfield. When is the new movie heading to DVD and Blu-ray?

Are you ready to watch another Nicolas Cage movie? This one is a horror comedy that also stars Nicholas Hoult, and it’s another take on Dracula. There is everything working for it when you check out the trailer.

The movie is actually about Renfield, a man who does everything possible to keep his narcissistic boss, Dracula, unalive. He needs to find prey for his master and do everything told, and he’s been doing it all for centuries.

So, what’s changed? Well, Renfield realizes that there could be another option in life for him. That’s what he wants, but he needs to deal with his nightmare boss first. If you thought you had a difficult workplace, wait until you see where this man works.

Renfield DVD and Blu-ray release date predictions

It shouldn’t be surprising to find out that this movie does not have a release date just yet. It is only just out in theaters, so it’s going to take time for the DVD release date to be confirmed. This is a Universal Pictures movie, so we can look at other releases from the same studio to get an idea of when this one will come out on DVD and Blu-ray.

For this, we’re looking at Knock at the Cabin and Nope. It’s took three months for Nope to go from theaters to DVD last year. We’re seeing the same timeframe for Knock at the Cabin. With that in mind, we’re looking at the same timeframe for the latest release.

We could be looking at either Tuesday, July 11 or Tuesday, July 18 for the horror comedy to head to DVD and Blu-ray.

What about the Digital release? That is likely to happen in a couple of months at the latest. The Digital releases have been timed pretty well with the streaming releases for movies from Universal Pictures.

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Renfield is currently out in theaters.