All the Amazon shows not coming back in 2024

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Hunters series finale
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Which Amazon shows won’t we get to see back in 2024?

Amazon has either canceled or ended a few shows throughout 2023. Here are all the Amazon shows we won’t see back in 2024.

There were some great Amazon shows throughout 2023. We started off the year strong with The Rig and we’re ending it with Reacher Season 2. While a lot of shows were renewed, there are some that were either confirmed as ending with the upcoming seasons or they were outright canceled.

Yes, there are still some shows on the bubble. We’re not including those until we have definitely answers, although there are some shows that we’re worried about. This is all about the shows we know won’t be back in 2024 and beyond because they’ve been canceled.

This doesn’t include the shows that have been renewed and likely won’t be back next year. We don’t know Amazon’s full plays for 2024 just yet.

Amazon shows ending

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

One show that we said goodbye to in 2023 was The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. After five seasons, the series came to an end with a series finale that was certainly worthy of an ending.

This season was clearly written as an end. We got a few flash forwards to see where Midge and Susie would end up, along with a few other characters. We learned about the passing of a few characters through conversations and we got to see Ethan and Esther all grown up and living their lives—mostly embarrassed by their mother!


Hunters Season 2 dropped at the beginning of the year. It took a long time to get this second season, leading to a lot of people questioning whether it was unrenewed. The season focused on the hunt for Hitler to bring him to justice, and it was confirmed as we got a premiere date that it would be the final season. The series finale at least worked as that.

Carnival Row

Carnival Row also took a long time to bring us the second season due to the pandemic. It wasn’t that surprising to find out that the second season would end up being the last, but it clearly wasn’t written as that when you start working your way through the storylines. There was so much more potential for this storyline, but the big budget for it just didn’t work for Amazon.

Jack Ryan

Then in the summer we said goodbye to Jack Ryan. Around a year after Season 4 was confirmed, Amazon told us that it would be the last. It’s clear from the writing that this show had time to craft an ending, but it’s also clear tha tthe world of Jack Ryan isn’t necessarily at an end. We’re just waiting for confirmation of a spin-off.