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The Boys college-based spin-off is coming back for another season. Here’s everything we know about Gen V Season 2 so far.

It didn’t take Amazon too long to confirm Gen V would be back for another season. The renewal wasn’t all that surprising when you consider the hype around the series and the success of The Boys.

The two shows are heavily interconnected. We’re not going to find out much about the second season of Gen V until we see The Boys Season 4. However, we do have an idea of some of the storylines to expect.

When will Gen V Season 2 premiere on Prime Video?

Amazon hasn’t set a premiere date just yet. However, we’re not expecting the second season until 2025. Production hasn’t started on the show yet, and this is one of those shows that takes a lot of work and time in post-production.

The Boys Season 4 will arrive in 2024, so we’ll get something from the universe next year. Then Gen V can arrive while we wait for The Boys Season 5. After all, we’re sure that’s going to happen!

How many episodes are in Gen V Season 2?

The season is expected to be eight episodes long. This matches the first season and it matches all seasons of parent series The Boys.

Who will return for Season 2 of Gen V?

We’re expecting the majority of the main cast to return for the second season. The first season left us with two college students becoming the new “Guardians,” despite being ones on the darker side of things. Our “heroes” are trapped in a facility somewhere.

So, with that in mind, we’re expecting to see:

  • Jaz Sinclair as Marie Moreau
  • Chance Perdomo as Andre Anderson
  • Lizze Broadway as Emma Meyer/Little Cricket
  • Maddie Phillips as Cate Dunlap
  • London Thor and Derek Luh as Jordan Li
  • Asa Germann as Samuel “Sam” Riordan

Will there be more cameos from The Boys?

We do expect to see more cameos from The Boys in the second season. The most likely one is going to be Claudia Doumit as Victoria Neuman. Based on promotional material for The Boys, she becomes the President of the United States, and she is sure to have a big role in deciding what to do about the “bad” Supes.

We could also see Colby Minifie as Ashley Barrett again. This will depend on whether she survives in The Boys or not. After all, those in charge at Vought haven’t lasted too long.

Antony Starr is sure to be back as Homelander, and we could see a few other Supes come back into the story, even just as small cameos in advertising for the college or on news reports. This helps to show the timelines of the shows.

What is Gen V Season 2 about?

We don’t have any details of the season just yet, but that’s because we’ll need to see how The Boys Season 4 plays out first. We’re sure to see the show pick up off the back of the cliffhanger ending to Season 1, though.

Right now, Marie, Andre, Emma, and Jordan are all trapped in a room with no door. They are all together, but it’s clear that they will struggle to get free. We’re sure to see Emma’s food intake monitored to prevent her from becoming big or small to help the group escape.

Sam and Cate will continue to show how they saved people from the group, but how long before their true natures come out? After all, it’s clear that Homelander isn’t as good as he appears to be. Will the fourth season of The Boys see anyone who stands with Homelander villainized across the two shows?

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Gen V is available to stream on Prime Video.