With Love canceled after two seasons by Amazon

Pictured (L-R): Todd Grinnell (Dr. Miles Murphy), Isis King (Sol Perez), Busy Philipps
Pictured (L-R): Todd Grinnell (Dr. Miles Murphy), Isis King (Sol Perez), Busy Philipps /

It’s terrible news for With Love fans. Amazon has canceled the series after just two seasons. Is there a chance that it could be saved?

The SAG-AFTRA strike ending was supposed to bring us some good news. Instead, it’s brought us a string of bad news. The latest is that Amazon is cancelling three shows, and With Love is one of them.

The second season finale will now work as the series finale. It is disappointing, and not just for fans of the series. This is yet another series with an inclusive cast that is coming to an end. In fact, all three shows canceled by Amazon at the same time had an inclusive cast—something we need more of on our screens.

Could With Love be saved by another network?

Deadline didn’t share if the Gloria Calderón Kellett series will be shopped around. We would love to see With Love picked up by another network, but we have to be honest with the chances of that happening here. Things aren’t looking great.

This series would need to go to another streaming platform for the international base that it has already gained. A lot of streaming shows are locked into contracts that make it difficult for another streamer to save it after cancellation. It could likely mean that there isn’t a chance for this show to be saved.

Calderón Kellett’s series One Day at a Time was saved by a broadcast network after its Netflix cancellation. Sadly, it didn’t gain the audience that was needed to keep it going after that extra season. As much as we want more With Love, we also want it to go to a home where it would succeed.

The second season finale is now going to act as the series finale. That means we’re left with questions about what’s in store for our favorite characters. At least we got to see Jorge Jr. and Henry tie the knot!

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With Love is available to stream on Prime Video.