Is With Love renewed for Season 3 at Prime Video?

Pictured (L-R): Todd Grinnell (Dr. Miles Murphy), Isis King (Sol Perez), Busy Philipps
Pictured (L-R): Todd Grinnell (Dr. Miles Murphy), Isis King (Sol Perez), Busy Philipps /

You’ve binge-watched all six episodes of With Love Season 2. Now you want more of the story. Will there be a third season on Prime Video?

There is absolutely no doubt that we want more of the With Love story. So much went down in the space of six episodes, and it’s still left so much open for exploration. We won’t spoil anything that happened in this post. Just know that if you haven’t seen it yet, it is more than worth the watch.

So, will there be a third season? We would love to say yet, but at this point Amazon hasn’t renewed the show. It also hasn’t canceled the show, which offers some good news. What are the chances of the renewal?

Will With Love Season 3 happen at Prime Video?

It is very hard to say at this point. There is just so much going on, and it could put renewals on hold. We have to look at the writers strike. If the third season wasn’t already pitched, it’s possible that it can’t be pitched and considered at this point in time. That could prevent a renewal at the moment.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be one if the strike keeps going. It took four months for Amazon to announce the second season would happen. This is longer than we’d like, but at least there was a renewal.

The second season was not announced as a final season at the time. The ending to the second season makes it clear there is more to the story. Now we just need to hope that enough people watched the show in the first weekend—and keeps watching it—for Amazon to renew it. We don’t get to see the viewing figures, so we can’t say what things are looking like just yet.

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With Love is available to stream on Prime Video.