The Wheel of Time Season 3 is not coming to Prime Video in November 2023

Rosamund Pike (Moiraine Damodred)
Rosamund Pike (Moiraine Damodred) /

The Wheel of Time Season 3 is happening, but we have a wait on our hands. When could we see the new season arrive on Prime Video?

One thing Amazon didn’t hold back on was the renewal of The Wheel of Time. We’ve known the third season was going to happen since July 2022. It’s rare for Amazon to renew a show like this, but fans were certainly not complaining.

Now eyes are on when we could see that season. It shouldn’t be too surprising to hear that it will not arrive in November 2023. We have a wait on our hands for The Wheel of Time Season 3, but just how long is that wait going to be?

When will The Wheel of Time Season 3 premiere on Prime Video?

There isn’t a premiere date just yet. We’re not surprised by that. After all, the second season has only recently come to an end. There’s no way Amazon will want to share the date just yet.

It took years of development for the second season. In fact, the show was renewed ahead of the Season 1 premiere, and we still had to wait almost two years for the finished product. This could give us hope that The Wheel of Time Season 3 could arrive in 2024. Even with the SAG-AFTRA strike action, we could still see the show arrive sometime next year.

We’re probably looking at late 2024. If there are delays, then we could end up looking at sometime in 2025. Anything longer than that and it puts the show at risk.

We’re sure to see eight episodes in the third season. That matches the release of the first two seasons.

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The Wheel of Time is available to stream on Prime Video.