The Expendables 4 DVD release date set for November 2023

The Expendables 4
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The Expendables 4 is set to be the last one with Sylvester Stallone in the lead. When can you add the latest movie to your DVD collection?

The team of action stars are back together for another Expendables movie. This one is set to be the last for Sylvester Stallone, with the idea that Jason Statham will take on that position in the franchise. Yes, it looks like there will be more of the franchise to come.

You can still head to theaters to watch the movie, but you’ll soon be able to add it to your DVD collection. Of course, you want to know when it will be released and whether you can pre-order it right now.

When is The Expendables 4 coming to DVD and Blu-ray?

There isn’t too long left to wait for the release. It’ll make a great Christmas present for the action fans in your life. You’ll be able to get The Expendables 4 on DVD on Tuesday, Nov. 21.

This is a few weeks earlier than we anticipated. It’s still hard to call on how studios are releasing content since the pandemic, especially now that the strike has caused some problems for movie releases in the future.

With the release date only just being announced, it may not be that surprising to hear that the movie isn’t available for pre-order just yet. Keep an eye out for the release, though. It’s worth getting the pre-order for the price guarantee.

If you can’t wait until November to watch it, there is some great news. You can already buy or rent The Expend4bles on Digital. This is available via Amazon Instant Video, and the movie will be added to your Amazon Library. Of course, if you can wait until November, you’ll get a digital copy with your Blu-ray and 4K combo packs.

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The Expendables 4 is coming to DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, Nov. 21.