Is Lessons in Chemistry on Amazon?

Lessons in Chemistry on Apple TV+
Lessons in Chemistry on Apple TV+ /

Brie Larson stars as Elizabeth Zott in Lessons in Chemistry. The series has now premiered, but where can you stream it? Is it on Amazon?

You may have read Bonnie Garmus’s debut novel, Lessons in Chemistry. It’s been on the lists of most sold and most read Amazon books for some time, so it’s not a surprise that it’s been turned into a TV series. The book was optioned rather quickly, and now the series is here.

Like with the book, the series follows Elizabeth Zott, who is fired from her lag tech job. She decides it’s time to use her knowledge of chemistry in another way. It’s the 1960s, and women are supposed to be in the kitchen, right? Well, she goes back to the kitchen with a TV cooking show called Supper at Six. It’s time to educate women on scientific topics through baking.

Now you want to know where to stream the TV series. Is this one that’s on Amazon in any way?

Is Lessons in Chemistry on Prime Video?

There is some bad news to get started. This is not a series that’s on Prime Video, and it probably won’t arrive to the Amazon streamer.

Lessons in Chemistry is an Apple TV+ Original Series. The only place to stream it online is Appl TV+, so that does mean another subscription is needed.

Are there any chances that Amazon could license it? This is highly unlikely. It would mean Apple and Amazon would need to work together.

Is Lessons in Chemistry on Amazon Video?

What about if the series comes to Digital? This would mean the show would head to Amazon Instant Video, where you can buy the episodes. They could be added to your Amazon Library so you can watch whenever you want without a subscription.

It’s unlikely that Lessons in Chemistry will come in digital form. It doesn’t make sense for Apple to release content on Digital when it would take people away from the subscription service.

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Lessons in Chemistry is streaming on Apple TV+.