What time is The Burial on Prime Video?

Jamie Foxx as Willie Gary in The Burial Photo: Skip Bolen © AMAZON CONTENT SERVICES LLC
Jamie Foxx as Willie Gary in The Burial Photo: Skip Bolen © AMAZON CONTENT SERVICES LLC /

The Burial arrived in theaters last week, but it’s almost time to watch it on Prime Video. You only need to wait until the end of the week.

There are a lot of movies out there inspired by true events. The latest one stars Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones in an underdog story that also includes topics of racism and discrimination.

The story follows Willie E. Gary, a Black unconventional lawyer who agrees to take on a case for a small business. A funeral home owner turns to him to help save his business to make sure he has something to pass on to his children. Of course, a bigger corporation is looking to buy him out.

With the setting of the series, it won’t be surprising to hear that there are also discussions of racism and the civil rights movement. This packs a punch as it shows how not to mess with the little man.

When is The Burial on Prime Video?

The movie is currently out in theaters. It’s one of those that is only getting a short exclusive run in theaters and is coming to Prime Video at the end of this week. Look out for it on Friday, Oct. 13.

The Burial‘s release on Prime Video is a global one. That offers some good news for those in North America. There is a good chance that the movie will head to Prime Video at midnight UK time on Friday, Oct. 13. Time zones work in our favor, so we could see it as early as 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on Thursday, Oct. 12.

There isn’t any guarantee of this early release, though. We just see it happen more often than we don’t. If it’s not out early, keep an eye on your Prime Video account at midnight local. It will be there by the time you’re ready for movie night on Friday.

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The Burial is coming to Prime Video on Friday, Oct. 13.