Totally Killer ending explained: Did Jamie stop the Sweet Sixteen Killer?

Totally Killer - Courtesy Blumhouse / Amazon Prime
Totally Killer - Courtesy Blumhouse / Amazon Prime /

Jamie went to the past to stop the Sweet Sixteen Killer in Totally Killer. Did she manage her mission and get back to her own time?

If you’re looking for a horror movie to check out in the run-up to Halloween, Prime Video has you covered. Totally Killer is a great mixture of fun, scares, and air punch moments.

There was a lot going on in the movie. Jamie was sent back to 1987 to stop a killer. This person killed her mom’s friends and was never caught. If Jamie doesn’t succeed, she’ll be stuck in the past forever, so she is definitely on a time crunch to get to the bottom of the murder mystery.

Who was the Sweet Sixteen Killer in Totally Killer?

The biggest question was finding out who the Sweet Sixteen Killer was. How do you stop someone who was never caught? That’s like going back in time to stop Jack the Ripper.

The group manages to lure the Sweet Sixteen Killer into a haunted house in an amusement park. We learn that the high school principal, Doug, is the killer. Doug’s girlfriend, Trish, was killed and Doug blamed the teenagers and sought revenge.

Doug only blamed Marisa, Tiffany, and Heather. Yet, Pam was the one to get the “You’re next” message, so was someone else out there killing the teenagers? It was podcast guy Chris who did it.

Podcast guy in the 1980s? He traveled from the future, too, and went after Jamie after killing Pam in their own time so he could get content for his podcast. He didn’t want Jamie to find this out, so he had to go back in time to stop Jamie from learning the truth. Well, it didn’t work and a fight between Jamie and Chris broke out.

Jamie killed Chris into the spinning machine to kill him.

Did Jamie get back to her own time?

Jamie also had to get back to her own time. If she didn’t manage it by the end of Halloween, she would be stuck in the past. The good news is that taking Chris down gave her the chance to get to her own time.

Of course, when you change the past, there are always knock-on effects in the future. Jamie finds out that her mom and dad met earlier than they did in the original timeline. They had a son before Jamie, who is 34 in the present time. He is the one called Jamie, and the Jamie we came to know is now called Collette.

We get other changes with the yearbook pictures in the credits. You’ll want to stick around for all of them.

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Totally Killer is available to stream on Prime Video.