Totally Killer age rating: Is the Amazon movie suitable for kids?

Totally Killer - Courtesy Blumhouse / Amazon Prime
Totally Killer - Courtesy Blumhouse / Amazon Prime /

There’s a new horror movie coming to Prime Video in time for Halloween. Can you watch Totally Killer with the kids around, or should they be in bed?

Halloween is the time for scary movies. Not all of them are full of gore and violence. They can be fun horrors for the whole family. However, others are made for the adults in the house.

What about Totally Killer? This is the new horror movie out this week. It’s a new Amazon Original that sees a teenager head back to 1987 with the chance of saving her mom’s friends from the Sweet Sixteen Killer. She doesn’t know who the killer is, but she knows the events that took place, giving her a chance to find him before he attacks.

Totally Killer age rating

With this being an Amazon Original Movie, it’s going to drop at midnight UK time on Friday, Oct. 6. The good news is that means around 7 p.m. ET on Thursday, Oct. 5. So, you’ll probably want to put it on right away. Now you need to know whether you can watch it with the kids in the house.

The official Totally Killer age rating is R. This means it’s for 18 and over, so it’s not suitable for the younger members of your family. Of course, it’s going to be up to you in the end. Your child may be comfortable with the content of the movie.

The rating has been given for the gore and violence, the drug use shown, nudity and sexual material, and the language. That’s not surprising when it comes to a horror movie, though. Think of Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer for an idea of the content in the movie.

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Totally Killer is available on Prime Video on Friday, Oct. 6.