Is Gen V released weekly or a binge-watch?

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The first season of Gen V premieres this week, and it’s time to reenter the world of The Boys. Will you get to binge-watch The Boys spin-off series?

There’s a new series to check out on Prime Video this week. It’s one that we’ve all been waiting for. Gen V is The Boys spin-off that we have heard a fair bit about that makes us want to see it right away.

The series is set at Vought’s college for Supes. Imagine putting a bunch of hormonal teenagers and young adults in a college together when they have a variety of superhero abilities. This is sure to go wrong, especially as the entitlement forms as they believe they’re better than everyone else purely because of their abilities.

You’ll want to binge-watch the series when you can. That means finding out whether the series is dropping as a binge-watch or a weekly release. What are the plans?

Is Gen V a binge-watch release?

There’s some bad news for those who love a good binge-watch. The Boys spin-off is not getting released in that way. Just like The Boys and many other Amazon shows, Gen V Season is getting a weekly release schedule.

The good news is three episodes will drop at once. We’ll get to watch the first three episodes on Friday, Sept. 29. After that, the episodes will drop once a week. There are only eight episodes to the season, which does mean that the wait for the finale is pretty short. Look out for it on Friday, Nov. 3.

Then we just have a wait for a renewal and the second season. We’re sure this series is going to end up scoring a second season. After all, it’s set in the world of The Boys, and we all love that series, right? Well, it’s time for that universe to expand.

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Gen V premieres on Friday, Sept. 29 on Prime Video.