Will The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart be renewed for Season 2?

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios
The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart told us a tale of loss, trauma, grief, and finding oneself. Will there be a second season to the story?

We have been on a dramatic journey for many characters in The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart. It all started with how Alice went to live with her grandmother, and it’s ended with some heartbreaking moments, shocking reveals, and trauma that needs to be unpacked. There is also an element of closure to the story.

The Season 1 finale air on Friday, Sept. 1. You can check it out right now, and binge-watch the whole series if you need to. This is certainly worth the binge-watch and the rewatch. The question is whether this is all we get or if there will be more to the story. Is the current strike action going to prevent a renewal?

Is The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Season 2 happening?

Amazon hasn’t renewed the series just yet, and it probably won’t. The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart was billed as a limited series. It was designed to be just one story telling the whole tale.

This season has followed the book by Holly Ringland. There isn’t a sequel to that book, so it’s unlikely that a second part of the story will be made up. There isn’t a need for it with the way the first season ended.

Of course, we can’t say “never” when it comes to a renewal. Big Little Lies was picked up as a limited series and it got a second season. Good Omens was initially a limited series and Neil Gaiman brought us a second part to the story and there is hope for a third season. If the interest and the story are both there, Amazon could end up renewing this one.

The strike action is going to delay a few things, though. As it was billed as a limited series, it would require extra contract talks, and they can’t happen during the strike action.

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The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart is available to stream on Prime Video.