Is Harlan Coben’s Shelter released weekly or a binge-watch?

Shelter -- Courtesy of Michael Parmelee/Prime Video
Shelter -- Courtesy of Michael Parmelee/Prime Video /

Harlan Coben’s Shelter premieres on Prime Video this week. Is this another Amazon series that will be released weekly, or can we binge it all?

Something that we’ve been looking forward to for some time is Shelter. It’s another book adaptation, and this time one from Harlan Coben. We’re used to Coben’s novels going to Netflix, but this one is different. Prime Video landed the rights, as it pushes further into the YA space.

The series follows Mickey Bolitar, the nephew of Myron, one of Coben’s most popular protagonists in the crime genre. Mickey has a lot of his own problems and far more than most teenagers. He’s living with his estranged uncle after his dad’s death and his mom’s need to go to rehab. Now he needs to make new friends in a new high school.

That’s not all, though. There’s a mystery in the town when a new girl goes missing. It turns out that this quiet town has a lot of secrets, and Mickey is determined to get to the bottom of them.

How is Harlan Coben’s Shelter released on Prime Video?

It’s hard to keep track of how Amazon releases content. There are still some binge-watches available, but a lot of content is released in some sort of staggered fashion. We sometimes see a bulk of episodes at once and then weekly releases for the rest of the season, or we sometimes see two episodes per week.

What about this release? It’s not a binge-watch. You’ll need to wait for the season finale to air if you want to check out the full season in one sitting.

The first three episodes are coming out on Friday, Aug. 18. After that, we’ll get one episode per week. There are eight episodes in total, meaning the finale is set to air on Friday, Sept. 22.

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