Everything coming to Prime Video today (August 1, 2023)

Betsey Russell arrives at the Saw V Premiere At Planet Hollywood Casino Resort on October 23, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Denise Truscello/WireImage)
Betsey Russell arrives at the Saw V Premiere At Planet Hollywood Casino Resort on October 23, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Denise Truscello/WireImage) /

Amazon is adding 68 titles to Prime Video today, Tuesday, Aug. 1. Here’s a look at everything you can watch on the streamer right now.

All eyes are on finding something to watch right now. It’s the summer, and that means broadcast networks are on their breaks. Their breaks are going to be much longer than normal this year.

The good news is streamers have us covered. Amazon itself has 68 titles coming to Prime Video today. There is something for everyone to watch. Don’t worry about getting through everything right now. This list is designed to work through during the month of August.

Saw movies, The Goonies, and more

Those who love horror will want to watch the Saw movies again. The first six movies are heading to the streamer, and we all know that the first three movies are the best. This is a series that has some mixed views with it being on the side of torture porn toward the end of the franchise, but the storyline of the first three movies was focused mostly on redemption.

If you’re looking for something for the whole family, there are some other excellent options. The Goonies is great for those looking for a cult classic. This is one you’ll want to introduce to your kids. If you’re looking for something that connects to a popular series right now, it’s all about The Addams Family. The 1990s movie with Christina Ricci as Wednesday drops today.

What if you’re in the mood for a TV series? There are a few options today, with Matlock as one to check out. CBS will bring the new Matlock series at some point in the 2023–2024 season, so you’ll want to check out the original series to see what it was all about.

Everything on Prime Video today


L.A. Law (1987)

Matlock (1987)

Minuto para Ganar (Minute to Win It) S1 (2012)

Primate S2 (2023)


3 Idiotas (2017)

A Shot in the Dark (1965)

Amadeus (1984)

American Gigolo (1980)

Behind the Sun (2001)

Braddock: Missing in Action III (1988)

Cahill: U.S. Marshall (1973)

Cantinflas (2014)

Charlie St. Cloud (2010)

Chato’s Land (1972)

City of Men (2008)

City Slickers (1991)

Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid (1982)

Dirty Harry (1971)

Filth (2004) Frost/Nixon (2009)

Galaxy Quest (1999)

Gonzo (2008)

Hazlo Como Hombre (2017)

Hollywood: The Great Stars (1963)

I Wish (2011)

I’m Still Here (2010)

Killers (2010)

Me, Myself and Irene (2000)

Missing In Action (1984)

Missing In Action II: The Beginning (1985)

Monster’s Ball (2002)

One for the Money (2012)

Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)

Pinero (2001)

Posse (1993)

Punisher: War Zone (2008)

Red 2 (2013)

Red Dawn (2012)

Rio (2011)

Rio 2 (2014)

Road to El Dorado (2000)

Rumor Has It (2005)

Saw (2004)

Saw II (2005)

Saw III (2006)

Saw IV (2007)

Saw V (2008)

Saw VI (2009)

Stealth (2005)

Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine (2015)

Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969)

Swordfish (2001)

The Addams Family (2019)

The Black Stallion (1979)

The Day of the Jackal (1973)

The Goonies (1985)

The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

The Many Saints of Newark (2021)

The Punisher (2004)

The Watch (2012)

Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead (1995)

Traffic (2001)

Un Padre No Tan Padre (2017)

Valentina’s Wedding (2018)

Walking Tall: The Payback (2007)

What a Girl Wants (2003)

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Ya veremos (2018)

Yes Man (2008)

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