Is Upload Season 3 affected by the actors strike?

Upload -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Upload -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

When Amazon released its list of shows coming in fall 2023, there was one notable missing. Is Upload Season 3 affected by the recent strike action?

We know that Upload Season 3 production finished a while ago. There was the hope that the season would arrive by fall of this year, but then Amazon released a list of shows that will arrive in the fall. Upload wasn’t on the list.

This list came out around the same time that the actors strike started. It has led to concerns that the strike will affect the series. While production is complete, there is the issue of post-production.

Will Upload Season 3 arrive in 2023?

It’s possible that post-production was still happening when the actors strike started. This is a process that can take around 10 to 11 months, and there’s no way that time had passed by the middle of July 2023.

If post-production was still ongoing at the time of the strike starting, the show is now in limbo. Post-production involves the actors a lot of the time, especially when it comes to the additional dialogue that needs recording. With the actors no longer working, that ADR work won’t be completed.

If it was just CGI work, then it is possible that the work could continue. That work is done by those not involved in the strike action. That being said, some companies may choose to stand with the actors in solidarity, leading to the work not being completed for a fall 2023 release date.

It’s also possible that Amazon simply didn’t release everything that it has coming at the end of this year. Invincible also wasn’t on the list, but we have reason to believe that that is still on track for a fall 2023 release. We’ll just have to wait and see at this point, because nobody is talking.

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Upload is available to stream on Prime Video.