Upload Season 3 is not coming to Prime Video in July 2023

Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

We would love to see what comes next for Nathan, but the wait for that continues. When will Upload Season 3 come to Prime Video?

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it should be that Upload Season 2 ended on one hell of a cliffhanger. Now we need the third season.

While it is not going to arrive in July, there is some good news. Upload Season 3 is happening, and filming has been completed. This is not a series that will be affected by the writers strike. So, if that’s the case, what is taking the series so long? When will we get it on our screens?

When will Upload Season 3 come to Prime Video?

There is a chance that we could get the season sometime in 2023. Robbie Amell shared with Mama’s Geeky that the cast has been watching the ready episodes together. He couldn’t be there though, as he’d been in Vancouver filming another project. He also shared that he had been in recently for some additional dialogue recording, which is a common part of the post-production process.

It takes a little over a year to get through the writing, production, and post-production. The post-production is the longest part of it because of all the graphics. However, the good news is that it looks like we are coming closer to the end of that process, which matches what we expected previously.

Upload Season 3 could arrive in fall 2023. We’ve thought October or November was possible in the past, and it looks like that is still on track. It could depend on whether anyone who could strike via SAG-AFTRA is involved in the post-production process or not.

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Upload is available to stream on Prime Video. Stay tuned for the latest updates on Upload Season 3.