All the Amazon Original Shows still pending renewals in 2023

The Consultant starring Christoph Waltz premieres Feb. 24 on Prime Video.
The Consultant starring Christoph Waltz premieres Feb. 24 on Prime Video. /

We’re at the midpoint of 2023, and there are still a lot of Amazon Original Shows still waiting for a decision to be made. Here’s a look at all of them.

While Amazon has made a decision about a lot of its original programming, there are still some shows on the bubble. Some of these have only just seen new seasons arrive, so Amazon won’t have made a decision yet. There are others that have been waiting for some time. In fact, some on this list haven’t had new episodes since 2020, leading to us assuming that they’ve been quietly canceled.

It’s time to look into all the original programming. We’re looking at the English-language originals that are available worldwide for this. It’s not for those that are only for very specific regions.

Amazon Original Shows that still need a decision made in 2023


While Swarm is on many a list, we’re not really including it here. This series was billed as a limited series, which suggests that we’re not getting a second season of the series. Of course, we’ve seen limited series land second seasons in the past, so it deserves a mention. The show was left on enough of a cliffhanger to warrant a renewal.


This series arrived back in September 2022 and is still waiting a renewal. It follows two strangers who happen to be connected. We see their stories unfold through music with the backdrop of London, UK. This series didn’t quite get the noise that it deserved when it first came out, so it’s not surprising a decision hasn’t been made yet. More people need to watch it.

The Consultant

One of the Amazon Original Shows from 2023 is The Consultant. Starring Christoph Waltz, the series took us on some wild twists and turns. While it was billed as a thriller, it was certainly a dark comedy at moments. It didn’t get the reception that was expected and it seems like a lot of people have dropped away from it. It may have been quietly canceled at this point, especially with the writers strike at play

The Power

One of the most recent Amazon Originals Shows is The Power, which is set around the globe and follows a group of girls who suddenly get the ability to control electricity. It’s something all women are capable of. The first season ended with a major cliffhanger, suggesting a second season is possible. It’s certainly an important show when it comes to social commentary, but did enough people watch it? This could be another Paper Girls.


One of the dramas that has gone unmentioned since 2020 is Homecoming. The first season was more of a limited series, but it was picked up for Season 2. While there were some connections to the first season, we got a different main character. Is there a chance that this series has been quietly canceled? Was the second season a planned ending? Both are possible.

Modern Love

Like Homecoming, we haven’t had new episodes of Modern Love for a while. The second season arrived in 2021. There’s a chance the series was quietly canceled, but that doesn’t make sense when you consider there have been regional versions of the show. Is it one of those that is just left open for the right stories from the column being developed?

The Lake

This Canadian comedy series has only just dropped its second season. It’s not surprising that there isn’t an answer on it just yet. Amazon will want to see how it performs for another couple of weeks before making a final decision. We’re hoping for good news.

With Love

This is another of the newest Amazon Original Shows. Well, it dropped its second season just recently, so of course, a decision hasn’t been made yet. The show is certainly necessary and it’s well written. Now it’s just whether there were enough viewers or not.


We are still waiting for news on Harlem Season 3. Things sadly aren’t looking good for this as the second season arrived back in February. However, we have seen renewals take months in the past due to negotiations on the storylines. With the writers on strike, we could see this delay being linked to that.

Class of ’07

This Australian comedy series followed a group of 28-year-olds as they headed to their high school reunion. However, flooding led to their school being the only place where survival was possible. They just had to hope that the flooding hadn’t taken over the world. The first season ended with a couple of interesting cliffhangers, and we’re now waiting for any news about Season 2.


The first season of Mammals arrived in November 2022. With that in mind, we’re likely looking at the series being quietly canceled. It did received mixed reviews, so it all depends on how many people got through to the end of the first season.

I’m a Virgo

This is one of the newest Amazon Original Shows on the network. The ending did leave things open for a second season, but we’re not expecting an announcement on this for some time. It may not even be possible until the writers are back to work.

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