The Power Season 1 ending explained: Did the women take over the world?

The Power -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Power -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

What happened to the women in The Power Season 1 finale? Here’s a breakdown of how the season came to an end, and whether there’s hope for more.

There was a lot going on in The Power, with the show focusing on the individual characters. However, a couple of powerful women did finally meet, which sets up for an interesting story for the second season.

Let’s dive into the storyline of the final episode. Did the women come out on top, or is there still work to be done?

What happened to Ryan in The Power Season 1 finale?

The start of the episode saw Margot’s campaign team talk about Ryan. They wanted to keep him safe, and they seemed to have the perfect opportunity for him. There are schools now set up for those with EOD.

Margot clearly had no idea about these schools. When it came to the debate and her opponent brought it up, Margot was shocked to learn the truth. However, she couldn’t say anything about it.

There is a much bigger problem for Margot right now. The world knows that she has EOD after she lashed out in the middle of the campaign. That’s sure to help the Urbandox followers, especially with Matty on the inside.

Yes, Matty agreed to spy on Margot’s campaign and feed Urbandox information. How long until he is hurt by the women in his family? And what will happen with the campaign after Margot lashed out and used her ability, arguably proving the point of those with EOD being dangerous?

Roxy learns the full truth

During the previous episode, Roxy learned that her father may have been the one to kill her mom. That was confirmed at the star of The Power Season 1 finale. Roxy went to see a cop who was in love with her mom. It turns out that he fell for Roxy’s mom while being tasked to bring down Bernie’s gang.

Finding out the truth, Roxy confronted her father. He finally admitted to it, and this was a shock to his wife Barbara. Roxy realized that Barbara had no idea and made sure she had The Power since it was clear she was going to stay with Bernie. She’d need to protect herself.

With that, Roxy got to the airport. Her dad figured out that she was heading to New York, so she switched plans at the airport. Eventually, she managed to get to Allison/Eve.

Eve feels guilty for her actions

At the start of the episode, Eve felt guilty for what happened at the end of the previous episode. It turns out that it looks like a death from natural causes, so she’s off the hook.

The voice in her head makes it clear that she shouldn’t feel guilty for hurting those who would hurt her. Eve starts to gain more confidence in feeling like she’s doing the right thing, and shares about how mothers have brought those powerful men. God has to be a mother.

She manages to convert the nuns, giving them The Power, too. Of course, there is an attempt to bring Eve down, but it doesn’t work. She has the following she needs. And now, Roxy is with her. The two are powerful alone; what will they be like together?

What happened in Russia in The Power Season 1 finale?

Tatiana helped Tunde get out from where he was being held. He told her about her sister and the baby, and Tatiana helped Tunde get out of dodge. However, it was clear that the Army viewed all these women as a threat and they went to kill them.

That didn’t work. Thanks to their position with the river, the women were able to force the men into the water so they could electrocute them. Tunde saw the general on fire and managed to put the flames out, and now he needs to get some medical help. He is seeing the way the women can turn quickly. None of this should have been surprising considering what he saw in the Middle East.

Tatiana and Zoya were able to call each other at the end. It’s clear that they still love each other and they want a better world for Zoya’s new daughter. Tatiana makes it clear that the world will be different. Zoya’s daughter has The Power.

A lot was left open at the end of The Power Season 1 finale. It’s clear that we need a second season.

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