The Peripheral Season 2 is not coming to Prime Video in July 2023

The Peripheral -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios
The Peripheral -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

If you haven’t checked out The Peripheral on Prime Video yet, now is a good time to do so. We have a wait on our hands for The Peripheral Season 2.

Amazon has certainly had a lot of success with sci-fi shows in the past. It wasn’t surprising then that The Peripheral became an immediate hit. The casting also helped, along with the twisty storytelling.

The Season 1 finale brought up some answers to our burning questions. We found out why Cherise was after Flynne, and we got some details on the apocalypse that happened in the future.

Meanwhile, there are problems in 2032. Deputy Tommy Constantine thought he got away with literal murder. Well, maybe he should have checked that one of his bodies was actually dead. Constantine is going to find himself in a lot of trouble with a certain gang in the second season.

When will The Peripheral Season 2 come to Prime Video?

Now the wait for the second season is on. This is a show that may be caught up in the writers strike. The renewal came in early enough for the writers to get started, but mapping out and writing all episodes in a season takes time. Then there are rewrites that are needed, both before and during filming.

So, it’s a show that doesn’t seem to be in production just yet. That’s like a lot of shows at the moment, so it’s nothing to worry too much about right now. Hopefully, the break won’t lead to an unrenewal process of shows, which we did see with a few shows during the pandemic due to delays and costs.

As of right now, we’re probably ruling out all of 2023 as a release date for the series. We’re looking at sometime in 2024 at the earliest, but we can’t pin anything down just yet.

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The Peripheral is available to stream on Prime Video.