Reacher Season 2 is not coming to Prime Video in July 2023

Reacher -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Reacher -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

As much as we would love Reacher Season 2 to come next month, that’s not going to be the case. When will the second season arrive on Prime Video?

Reacher is one of those shows that became an instant hit on Prime Video. That’s not surprising ith the success of the books. Amazon has already proven to show it can do these book adaptations well.

The second season will follow the story of Bad Luck and Trouble, the 11th book in the series. Yes, this is a jump considering the first season followed the first book. However, it opens the door for some returning faces as the Reacher books don’t tend to include too many returning characters and that can be a problem for TV shows’ continuity needs.

When will Reacher Season 2 come to Prime Video?

The series is not on the list of new releases on Prime Video this month. That’s not surprising when you consider that production only wrapped a few months ago. We could have to wait until the fall for the series.

On top of that, we have the final season of Jack Ryan coming very soon. That premieres in June, but it has a weekly release and will run throughout July. There’s no way Amazon would want to bring two similar shows at the same time.

So, we’re looking more at the fall for the series. This could help to spread out the content available considering the writers strike. That’s going to have an affect on the number of shows ready to air on streamers by the end of the year, so, the streamers will want to space out content as much as possible.

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Reacher is available to stream on Prime Video. Stay tuned on the latest updates for Season 2.