Will Amazon save Gotham Knights?

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Gotham Knights has been canceled after just one season. Is there a chance that Amazon will step in to save the DC series?

It has not been a good year for the former Supernatural actors. All three main actors were involved in new CW shows, and all three have been canceled. Gotham Knights is the last of the three, but it was one that many were on the fence about. There was a chance that this would sneak through with Superman & Lois being canceled for budget reasons.

In the end, The CW opted to keep the longer-running show. It’s not too surprising when you look at the ratings. Gotham Knights wasn’t performing as well as the Superman series.

Will Gotham Knights be picked up by Amazon?

Now when a show is canceled, there are eyes on whether a streamer will save it. We’ve seen it in the past, but will it happen this time? We have to be honest and say probably not.

When TVLine announced the cancellation, there was no word on the show being shopped around. The upcoming season finale will now be the series finale. When The Winchesters and Walker Independence were canceled, the publications reported that the shows were being shopped around. Sadly, the fight to save Walker Independence has come to an end, but the fight for The Winchesters continues for now.

So, it doesn’t look like Amazon is stepping in to save any of the shows. Gotham Knights could just about fit Amazon with The Boys, but it would actually make more sense over on Max where Titans and Doom Patrol stream. We probably won’t see Amazon step in for this one.

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Gotham Knights is available to stream on The CW App. it will also likely head to Max.