When will Citadel: Diana premiere on Prime Video?

Citadel: Diana
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The world of Citadel is growing already. Citadel: Diana was previewed at the end of the Citadel Season 1 finale. When can we watch it on Prime Video?

Amazon was so sure about Citadel that it ordered a spin-off series before the first season even arrived on Prime Video. That spin-off is Citadel: Diana, and it is the first planned spin-off as we see the world of the series grow. We’ll also get a second season of the main series to bring us more of Nadia and Mason’s story.

There was a preview of Citadel: Diana at the end of the Citadel Season 1 finale. It shows that we’ll get the story of presumably the titular character, Diana, as she goes from being a cop to a member of the secretive spy agency.

When will Citadel: Diana premiere?

So, what fans really want to know is when they can start watching the series. This is where we have a little bit of bad news. It’s not going to arrive this year.

We don’t have an exact premiere date, but Amazon made it clear in the preview for the show that it will arrive in 2024. That could be early, middle, or late. We just don’t know yet, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye on the plan.

Will it be another show with a weekly release? That’s what we are expecting. These weekly drops are working well for Amazon when it comes to the big shows. People keep talking about the shows for longer and there’s time to discuss theories about what’s to come next. Wasn’t that something we always loved doing in the past? Just look at how much we talked about Game of Thrones theories.

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Citadel is available to stream on Prime Video. Stay tuned for the latest Citadel: Diana news.