Will The Power be renewed for Season 2 by Amazon?

The Power -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Power -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

The Power Season 1 comes to an end this week. Will this be it to the series? Is there going to be a second season on Amazon?

We come to the end of The Power this week. So far, we’ve had eight episodes to tell six different stories about women who have developed the ability to control electricity. This ability is genetic, and it’s something that started in teenagers and developed to everyone having the ability.

Of course, there has been fear because of this, particularly with the men. They are worried about what it means with women have the ability to control electricity. What does that mean for them? Well, it looks like women are starting to take over.

Is the series done, though? Will this be nine episodes and that’s it? Here’s what we know about the series.

Is The Power Season 2 happening at Prime Video?

As of right now, Amazon hasn’t canceled or renewed the sci-fi series. This was not billed as a limited series, despite the series being based on a singular book.

The book is one person’s view of how women came to take over the world. The TV series has only just scratched the surface of the story. There hasn’t been the time to really go into the feelings of all the women who are now developing this ability to control electricity—not everyone likes it—or how men could fit in this new world.

According to Digital Spy, Toni Collette and John Leguizamo would like to return to the series. They both know that there is more to tell here. It will be up to Amazon if the series is renewed, though.

The WGA writers strike could cause delays in the renewal as negotiations can’t happen during this time. Will this lead to a cancelation? Hopefully not as this is a story that we need more of. It touches on many social problems right now and gives us a good look at how people could react if this happened.

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The Power Season 1 finale airs on Friday, May 12 on Prime Video.