Is The Power based on a book?

The Power -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Power -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

The first three episodes of The Power are now on Prime Video. Does the story seem a little familiar? Is The Power based on a book?

Every now and then, there’s a story that sounds like you’ve heard it before. And in a lot of those cases, that’s because you have. It’s either based on a true story or based on a book.

With The Power, we can pretty much rule out the “based on a true story.” This is all about how genetics have developed so teenage girls have the ability to control electricity through their hands. This develops into all women having this ability, and we know that’s not real life. At least, not just yet.

So, is it based on a book? You bet it!

The Power novel by Naomi Alderman

The series is based on the book of the same name by Naomi Alderman. In fact, Alderman was also involved in the development of the series.

The novel is a reimagining of the world where women end up becoming the dominant sex due to their ability to control electricity from their hands. The book follows Allie, Roxy, Jocelyn, Margo, and Tunde as they learn about their abilities, the changing world, and what to do with those changes.

It offers a look at how change could happen in a science-fiction sense. We get a chance to see what life could be like with women in power, and just how men struggle to cope with this change all that well.

However, the story isn’t about what actually happened. The plot is written by a man thousands of years after the shift of power, with him detailing a fictional account of how this change came to be. It’s fiction within fiction.

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The Power is available to stream on Prime Video.