Alex Rider Season 3 is not coming to Freevee in April 2023

Alex Rider - Season 2 - Episode 203
Alex Rider - Season 2 - Episode 203 /

Alex Rider Season 3 is officially happening, but we still have a wait for it. When could the season drop on Freevee?

There is some good news when it comes to Alex Rider Season 3. It is happening. Now for the bad news.

We won’t get to watch the episodes in April 2023. It’s been a long wait for the season. The second season arrived back in December 2021, and it’s not like the show has really had the pandemic to blame his time. So, what is taking so long, and when can we expect the episodes to arrive?

When is Alex Rider Season 3 coming to Freevee?

So far, Amazon’s free streaming platform hasn’t announced when we could see the show arrive. Some bad news is that filming didn’t start until October 2022. It looks like there were a few schedule clashes that made it harder to start filming sooner.

Filming has taken place in both Bristol, UK and Croatia, and we know there are some new foes joining the story. That’s not surprising as the series will move on the fifth book in the Alex Rider series. A lot of foes were taken down in the second season and now Alex will need a new set of enemy to go up against.

Sofia Helin, Jason Wong, Kevin McNally, and Shelley Conn are all joining the series. Helin will play Julia Rothman, who is one of Scorpia’s agents and is behind one of Alex’s deadliest encounters. Wong will play Nile, who is devoted to Julia’s plans. Then McNally will take on the role of Max Grendel, a senior council member of Scorpia. Who is Conn? She isn’t with Scorpia directly but is a politician and could end up being with the deadly group.

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Alex Rider Seasons 1 and 2 are on Freevee.